Sunday, 28 February 2016

Week 8

This has been a busy week, picking my way through the turmoil that's been created as the project starts to branch in different directions.

The answers to last weeks questions.

1. Hermes tells riddles. He also tells lies and plays with words. He's like a cross between the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland and Jack Nicholson's Joker. In my head he is anyway - making him appear in person might be slightly trickier!

2. I met with Debbie and Cat to discuss using the money gallery in the card game. When will I learn - those problems which bug you for hours can usually be solved in a few minutes of lively discussion. Or maybe that's only after they've bugged you for hours, I'm not sure. Anyway, the solution to how to bring the money into the game, might be to bring money into the game. Looks like we're going to buy lots of lovely gold and silver coins and allow children to buy words from each other as part of the game. (Political aside - is this what I want to teach them about capitalism? Actually yes, it's not money that's the problem it's neo-liberalism and this game has rules!).

3. I'm not thinking about Frogs yet, or the Benin empire. One thing at a time. I might still buy a toy one though, once I've finished this costume.

Ah, yes, the costume. I've been working on Hermes' costume. Here's his hat, sandals and staff.

There are a couple of yellow rubber snakes on their way from Hong Kong to add to the staff, along with 3 narrow belts, which seems to approximate how Ancient Greek women wore their toga's (he's a very gender-flexible god). I just need to get a white bed sheet for said toga and I already have a nice gold brooch in the shape of a snake.

Oh, and today, this from a charity shop. It's not very Greek but it's gold and it'll probably hold most of the props I need for the show. Hurray!

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