Sunday, 12 June 2016

Week 22 and 23

Photo: Manchester Evening News.
I'd like to stop now please. I've had a great time and I've written lots of poems I'm pleased with. I've done the stuff that's for me, and I've now got the difficult job of forming that into something for other people. To be honest, I'm feeling slightly clueless!

The next job is to somehow make the poems into a narrative. I'm thinking it ought to be a series of conversations with the objects, but beyond that it's hard to see. Then I'm going to be working on performance skills with Dominic - which will be pushing at the edges of my comfort zone.

I also need to create a teachers' pack around the show. I've already got a few ideas for activities but I need to work out how to write them - and then they've all got to be cross-referenced against the national curriculum. Oh Joy!

In the meantime I've been catching up on admin - making sure the midpoint evaluations are written up and seeing what photographs we already have and fighting with Powerpoint to make a visual representation of the Nonsense Verse activity.

So I've gone from feeling quite smug to feeling as if I've hit a brick wall. The real work starts here! So I'm sorry I've no exciting news for you this week. But here's a pretty picture of the museum.

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